BMEN 2210
Ethics in Biomedical Engineering
Circuits learned in BMEN 2210, especially operational amplifier configurations are very useful in designing circuits that acquire vital signs from a human being. An example of one such signal is the ECG. Senior citizens in the US now number more than 50 million and they represent a very vulnerable population. Many of them are not able to go on their own to have their ECG measured. The circuits that we have leaned in this class can be used to develop compact devices that can measure ECG and transmit the signals over the internet to the doctor. Thus, saving the elderly a lot of trouble and providing them easier access to medical help. Let’s say that you have designed such a circuit for the elderly.
This advancement brings forth questions of ethics in biomedical engineering.
Write a report that:
1. indicates your ability as a biomedical engineer to recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering solutions like the one above.
2. is well-researched and related to the ethical issues pertaining to home health monitoring. 3. gives relevant examples. 4. discusses clearly, the impact of the engineering solution (in this case, ECG monitor)
including global, societal, environmental and economic contexts. Each context should be addressed clearly in your report. List your references.