NURS499 Nursing Capstone
Week 13 Discussion
The Impact of Medication Errors
Please read and review the article about the RaDonda Vaught case. Write a reflective summary about your thoughts on her actions and the outcome. Would you have done anything different? An additional resource for your review below:
Learning and Healing after the Criminal Conviction of a Nurse
A Three – Part Series
One -hour ZOOM sessions
Speaker: Elizabeth Duthie,  RN, Ph.D., CPPS
Director of Patient Safety, Montefiore Medical Center
RaDonda Vaught Sentenced To 3 Years Supervised Probation
After making a medication error resulting in the death of her patient, RaDonda Vaught is now on trial for murder. Nurses are watching the trial closely and voicing their opinions. Vaught was found guilty on two charges.
Initial post 150 – 300 words
Peer posts 100 – 150 words