NURS499 Nursing Capstone
Week 6 Discussion
Human Resource Development/Communication/Conflict Management
The focus of this discussion is to understand the importance of identifying signs of conflict and how to manage them.  Unresolved conflict is a barrier to teamwork.  When you have an environment of team collegiality, there is less negative conflict, increased commitment to the organization, and greater satisfaction, autonomy, and control over practice. It is part of the nurse leader’s role to create an environment that facilitates professional practice.
You have been working with your assigned nurse leader for approximately one month and have had the opportunity to observe that person’s ability to lead a team.  Nurse leaders are often faced with a difficult employee.  There is a difficult employee (a peer) on your team creating disharmony through lack of initiative, failure to complete tasks, and speaking disrespectfully to other staff members.  This difficult employee’s negative behavior is affecting team performance and effectiveness, job satisfaction, and turnover rate on the unit.   
Discuss best practice conflict management skills that the nurse leader can use to create a safe space to diffuse the conflict and create a collegial environment where teamwork is valued and ideas can flourish.  
Consider your own conflict management style.  Would your conflict management style be effective in achieving resolution?  Explain why or why not.
Respond to a minimum of two of your classmates’ postings and offer feedback on their initial discussion posting.  Remember to support your comments with evidence from the weekly materials, literature or other evidence based resources.
Initial post 150 – 300 words
Peer posts 100 – 150 words