NURS499 Nursing Capstone
Week 8 Discussion
Transforming Health Care Projects /Improving Patient Safety and Quality Outcomes
Institute for Healthcare Improvement DB Activity:
Practice Using Data for Health Care Improvement
Go to the hospital compare website  
Research two local hospitals or the hospitals in an area of your choice.
Based on your research answer the following questions:
1. What different type of quality metrics were available? Select at least 3.
2. How significantly did overall quality ratings differ from one hospital to the next?
3. What did you learn about the hospitals you reviewed? Did anything surprise you?
4. Based on the data, where would you focus an improvement effort? How did the data help you select this area of focus?
 Respond to a minimum of two of your classmates’ postings and offer feedback on their initial discussion posting. Remember to support your comments with evidence from the weekly materials, literature or other evidence based resources.
Initial post 150 – 300 words
Peer posts 100 – 150 words