Developing A Business Plan
We are developing a business plan. Please see below and help create a business plan based on the highlighted items. I already did part 1. Part 2 and 3 must be at least 2 pages.
Task: Development of Business Plan Components for a Web-based Business
1. Business Description – Describe the following:
a. Business name: BFIT
b. What type of business? BFIT is an online platform via an app. The app will enable users to exercise at any time of the day, wherever they are. There will not only be guides, but visual recordings as well of all exercises. Users will be able to choose the length of the workout and what muscle they want to focus on. The only equipment needed is resistance bands a set of dumbbells.
c. Vision statement: “Look good, feel good, do good – it all starts with YOU”
d. Mission statement: To allow all ages and stages to stay fit and consistent no matter where they are in life.
2. Value Proposition – Develop a Value Proposition that includes the explanation of the need, solution, product/service feature, advantage, and benefit.
Need: What is the need being filled? What void does this service fill that is not currently being adequately for customers?
Solution: How are you the solution? How can people understand this industry? Think: business must be the solution, not the problem.
Product/Service Feature: What does your product/service feature?
Advantage: What is the advantage of BFIT? Why you over other competitors?
Benefit: How will the customer benefit?
3. Customer Target Market – Develop the customer target market write up that includes the following sub-headings:
a. Public Relations: You, Media, Reader. The core role of PR is to craft and maintain the corporation’s image. What PR methods are you and your potential customers most comfortable with?
b. Advertising: Advertising Is based on one thing: happiness. What advertising should we do?
c. Marketing: How do we market? Market best customers first, your best prospects second, and the rest of the world last.
d. Sales: Selling has changed. How do we sell our services?
e. List of Prospective Customers: Who are our prospective customers?
Description length: Minimum 2 pages