Respond to the following discussion item in 75-100 words.  
Comment upon how this statement taken from pp. 5 –6 of the Tomlinson
text featured this week relates to what does and/or should occur in your
classroom and/or your school.
 Please Respond…
“Differentiated instruction is dynamic: Teachers monitor the match
between learner and learning and make adjustments as warranted. And
while teachers are aware that sometimes the learner/learning match is
less than ideal, they also understand that they can continually make
adjustments. …. Differentiation …is a way of life in the classroom.
[The teacher] does not seek or follow a recipe… but rather combines what
she can learn about differentiation from a range of sources to her own
professional instincts and knowledge base to do whatever it takes to
reach out to each learner.”
Tomlinson, C. (2001). How to differentiate instruction in mixed ability
classrooms. (2nd ed.).  Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and
Curriculum Development.