ne, and build better quality relationships at home and at work.
(Part 1) DUE WEDNESDAY: After carefully studying chapter chapter 6 and 7 (review from last week) and doing some research (contact a Pierce College Librarian) discuss with a minimum of 250 words the following:
(a) Define and describe the basic three leadership styles in detail.
(b) What is your plan of action to build better leadership skills? Thoroughly describe and define Situational Leadership.
(c) What are the stages of situational leadership?
(d) Give an example of how you will apply each of the stages of the employee development stages
(e) After carefully studying chapter seven AND DOING RESEARCH IN THE LIBRARY DATABASE (with the help of a Pierce College Librarian), Using two library scholarly articles (cite them and use references at the end of your post), define and thoroughly discuss real theories of:  (a) Intrinsic motivation; (b) extrinsic motivation theory.  (c) Identify what specifically motivates you; (d) What is your DETAILED THOROUGHLY-SPECIFIC plan of action to stay motivated at work?