Week 5 Discussion – Optimizing Database Design   
Many legacy systems require normalization.

Identify  at least two factors that should be considered in order to produce an  optimal normalized set of tables when performing normalization.
Include in your discussion a detailed example on how each factor would eliminate data redundancy.
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Patrice Brooks         
Apr 30, 2023 Apr 30 at 2:44pm          
Hello Professor & Class, 
Having a successful database is critical for an organization to  ensure its day-to-day functions can be performed seamlessly. Three  considerations that must be planned when designing a database are  creating a database strategy defining the scope, and making sure all of  the requirements are met by the end users and management. The legacy  information must be transferred into the new database to make sure all  the previous information is recorded and able to be  accessed. Information should be up-to-date and accurate when importing  information from a legacy system. You want to make sure the design  accommodates the goal you are trying to achieve and allows for  accommodating changes easily. 
With the strategy, you would need to interview the key players  involved, which are the end user and management. They should be  interviewed separately because they bring valuable information from a  different perspective to the design. When defining the scope, you want  to make sure you include how it is to interact with other applications  and the interface within the organization. It should be fully scalable  for an increased amount of data and can handle queries without degrading  performance. Making sure all requirements are met by the end user is  the product of a good design. You want to make sure there are backups  done regularly for the best storage performance. Storing and retrieving  data should be user-friendly with a well-structured design that is  efficient and flexible. The system should be secure at all times, and  there should be only authorized users only accessing the database.
Patrice Brooks
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