What is the importance of using P&ID for process engineering? 

I currently work at Georgia Pacific in wood products, we make OSB. I  have worked as an electrician on shift for several years which meant  that there were several times that I would have to troubleshoot and  identify issues on my own because I was the only electrician in the  entire mill most of the time. I used P&ID’s a lot during this time  and it helped me with comparing I/O in the PLC to the actual field  devices. The P&ID would point me exactly to where the field device  was that I was having the issue with. P&ID’s can also be used to  understand the flow of the process as well; identifying gas trains,  induced draft systems and more.

Elaborate on the history and development of the ISA standard 5.7 and discuss examples of P&ID uses.

The ISA standard’s main focus upon its creation was to create a set  of recorded documents that can be shared on a national basis. ISA5.7 is  the development and use of process flow diagrams and P&ID’s.
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