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ECE 207: Professional Responsibilities in the Early Childhood Education
Health and Safety Community Night
In this section, write an introduction to your paper that will allow your reader to follow the organization of your paper and the focus of your discussion. You might provide a brief overview of the topic in your introduction. The introduction is typically one well-developed paragraph ending with a thesis statement. For help, click here: Introductions & Conclusions
Event Plan
Age Group
Delete all directives in this column. When you submit the assignment, it should contain your own words, not the directives. State the age range of the children you will be working with and explain why you chose this group.
Provide a short paragraph here, considering the following: What do you hope to accomplish overall with your event? What are your goals for the attendees? When they leave, what do you hope they will have learned? How many attendees will you plan for?
Agenda for initial meeting
Before the event, have a meeting with the staff members who will be present at the community night. In this area, provide a meeting agenda discussing what the staff is expected to do before, during, and after the event. An agenda is a detailed list of the meeting topics that will be addressed.
Parent volunteers
State the number of volunteers needed for this event. What are their roles? Consider a set-up crew, the snack area, the two activities, the resource hand-outs, etc.
Materials needed
List all the materials needed. Consider the supplies you need for the snacks, both activities, the resources you need to hand out, the take-home activity, and the evaluation.
Nutritious snack
Describe the snack you will serve and provide this additional information:
Why did you choose this snack? How will it be served? What are the nutritional facts for one serving? How will you accommodate individuals who may have food allergens?
Health Activity
Plan an activity that helps families understand a health concept. The description needs to be detailed enough so that someone can read this section and run the activity successfully.
Safety Activity
Plan an activity that helps families understand a safety concept. The description needs to be detailed enough so that someone can read this section and run the activity successfully.
Questions for nutritionist
Create five open-ended questions to ask the nutritionist. These questions should focus on educating parents about proper nutrition for their children.
Detailed schedule of the evening
The event is to run from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Break this into 15 minute increments, giving the nutritionist 15 minutes to present and 15 minutes to answer questions.
Resources for your attendees
Provide three resources (1 health, 1 safety, 1 nutrition) the parents can take home with them. Name each resource and discuss why you chose them or why they are important to share with the families. How will families be presented with these resources?
Take-home activity
Discuss an extension activity that attendees can teach/play at home to support what they learned at your event.
Create 3-5 questions that ask participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the night. Be sure that some of the questions address your goals, to see if you have met them. How will you deliver these questions to the families?
Design a plan to include the families in cleaning up at the end of the event.
Write your conclusion here. The conclusion should do more than summarize what you’ve stated already—it should also include the importance or significance of the topic. Discuss why this event is important. What is the importance of the school and families coming together? What is the importance of family engagement? Learn more about writing a strong conclusion paragraph. Your finished paper needs to be 5-7 double spaced pages in length (not including the title or reference page.) If you have not met the length requirement, add more detail to the paper to demonstrate a distinguished knowledge of the topic.