First, after completing the assigned readings, time yourself for three full minutes and type out everything you can think of related to writing for college classes. A freewriting template is provided. Remember that in free writing, grammar and spelling do not count; simply try to get as many ideas about writing for college assignments onto your page as you can possibly think of.
Then, in a fully developed paragraph, explain some important considerations for writing for college. Think about the assigned readings “Writing a Paragraph” and “Using Words Effectively,” and choose the most important points from your free write to create a paragraph explaining the most important things students should know and practice when writing for academia (writing college assignments).
Your final paragraph should be in MLA format (see page 344), have a clear topic sentence, include developed ideas to support the topic sentence, and a final wrap-up, or summary statement, as well as transitions throughout (T.E.S.T.). In total, it should be 8-11 sentences long.