Power Point Presentation
Ethics and Legal Ramifications
We know that many ethical dilemmas may also carry legal ramifications, especially those environments that serve the public such as education. Identify a possible ethical dilemma that you might face in your educational field of study. Create a presentation that outlines and discusses the ethical dilemma and the possible legal ramifications. 
Your presentation should include.
1. A title slide.
2. A description of the ethical dilemma
3. At least 2 solutions to the dilemma
4. The possible legal ramifications of each solution
5. What choice would you make?
6. Your justification for your choice
7. A reference slides.
8. 6-8 slides not including the title or reference slide.
Reference: Byars, S. & Stanberry, K (2018)  Business Ethics. OpenStax. ISBN-10: 1-947172- 57-3 ISBN-13: 978-1-947172-57-9 (This applies to #’s 1-3) 
1. Why Ethics Matter:  Chapter 1 from  Business Ethics. In section 1.2 substitute the words student success for profitability. I downloaded the pdf to make it easier to highlight and navigate.
2. More Telecommuting or Less?: This is one section from Chapter 10 of  Business Ethics so the same reference applies. 
3. What employees owe employers: This is Chapter 7 from  Business Ethics.
4. Ethics Vs Values is a weblink so cite accordingly.
5. The Law and Decision Making is a blog posted by Dr. Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, on December 8, 2015.