Instructions: Selected disease is HYPERTENSION
· brochure should only be front and back of a paper like a real live brochure you would find in a clinic or doctor’s office. 
· It should be legible and bigger than the normal font size because it is a brochure.
· Language should be written at an 8th-grade reading level.
· Any medical terminology should be broken down in lay terms or defined.  
· References should be within the brochure as well, and not separate from the brochure.
· You must post both the brochure and the video, not one or the other. There were issues with posting both brochure and video in one submission, thus, you have to submit 2 separate submissions.
· The brochure should be in PDF, DOC, or DOCX.
· Nursing’s primary focus is on the promotion of wellness and disease prevention. In this assignment you will develop and implement a patient educational brochure to educate your patient on the nutritional considerations of a specific disease process. Use any type of publisher software you choose to create your brochure.  Information must be in the form of a patient educational brochure
· Develop a trifold instructional brochure on the nutritional aspects of one of the disorders below:
· Hypertension
· Include in your brochure all points below:
· Explanation of the pathophysiology of the disorder. Provide 4 risk factors OR 4 symptoms of the disorder.
· Two common,  specific medications (not classifications of medications) used for the disorder. Explain how medications work to treat the disorder. Include 3 nutritional considerations for each medication. (Example: food interactions, foods to avoid, foods to take with medication).
· Identify an evidence-based diet to prevent or reduce the incidence of the disorder.
· Include at least 3 specific foods that should be included in the diet, provide rational for why foods should be included in the diet for this disease process.  
· Include at least 3 specific foods that should be avoided in the diet, provide rational for why the foods should be excluded from the diet for disease process.
· Examples of Evidence-based diets:
· Dash diet
· Mediterranean diet
· Low carb diet
· Low sodium diet
· Low fat diet
· Modified fiber and bland diet
· Protein restricted
· High protein diet
· Include the information for at least 2 patient resources. One resource on the evidence-based diet and 1 resource on the disorder. Include name of organization and URL for the citation.
· Include images or clipart to support your information. Trifold brochure should look professional. 
· Include at least 2 evidence-based references (less than 5 years old) included in your brochure to support your information. Proper use of in-text citations and references in APA Style.  
References must be on brochure.