You will discuss the followings during the 10-minute presentation:

• Introduction/Motivation/Problem Definition
o What is it that you are trying to solve/achieve and why does it matter?
• Model Formulation/Method
o This is where you give a detailed description of your primary contribution. It is especially
important that this part be clear and well-presented so that we can fully understand what
you did.

• Results/Findings/Implications
o How do you evaluate your solution to whatever empirical, algorithmic, or theoretical
question you have addressed and what do these evaluation methods tell you about your
solution? It is not so important how well your method performs but rather how interesting
and clever your experiments and analysis are.
o Make sure to interpret the results and talk about what can we conclude and learn from
your evaluations.
o Although the case study does not specifically ask, you may conduct extra analysis (e.g.,
what-if analysis)

Project Presentation Slides/Report:
Presentation slides and a completed Excel spreadsheet are required, while the report is optional. If the 10-
min if the time limit is tight and your group desire to provide a complete view of your analysis, you may
organize a report and submit it with the slides. 

Uploaded files:
1-The case
2-The Excel template you need to use. 
3- Examples of the project needed.

Needed items:
1-Powerpoint slide of the solution.
2- Excel solution file. Note: Do not create another Excel file, use the template.