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The first step in this process is to select an HSO( Health Service Organization) on which to focus, and to do this, it is critical to understand what an HSO is and how they operate. HSOs are business systems that deliver healthcare services to both individual and organizational consumers. Examples include hospitals, doctors’ offices, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, rehabilitation facilities, and pharmaceutical companies. It can be tempting to expand the definition to include other organizations that include health-related services, like wellness spas and fitness centers, but these types of facilities would not be appropriate for your doctoral program, as they do not provide healthcare.

Choose one HSO in which you currently work or plan to work in the future. Keep in mind that you will be focusing on this HSO for the duration of the DHA program.
Explain why you chose this HSO.
Describe three or four organizational problems you could explore within this HSO and why you are interested in each organizational problem.
Describe how exploring these organizational problems could contribute to positive social change.
Research professional associations that relate to the HSO that you selected, and describe the focus, mission, and vision of at least one professional association that interests you.
On your selected professional association’s website, read several of the articles that describe current happenings within your selected HSO and summarize your findings.
Describe the benefits of acquiring a student membership to this professional association.
Describe the benefits of networking within a professional association.