Week 7
IT Discussion Board
Devops is a buzzword that you might hear often in the software industry. Watch the videos below, which discuss Devops and then answer the following questions. What is DevOps? – In Simple English , 7:06 mins (Rackspace Technology, YouTube, 2013). What is DevOps? , 4:55 mins (Xentaurs Academy, YouTube, 2017). What is DevOps , 9:01 mins (Brandon Kolybaba, YouTube, 2016). What is DevOps?  What problems does DevOps try to solve?  Are there advantages of using DevOps, if so what are they?  What tools are available for implementing DevOps solutions? PLEASE PREPARE A RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING PEER POSTS
 PEER 1 What is DevOps?  The team up and shared responsibility of Developers and Operations teams. Focused on serving the customer and having an aligned goal. What problems does DevOps try to solve? Speed of delivery and ease of deployments. Using more empirical processes.  Are there advantages of using DevOps, if so what are they? Products can be delivered more quickly with value, potentially getting ahead of the competition. What tools are available for implementing DevOps solutions?  They will need test environmets and source control. This is used for tracking and documenting.  
PEER 2     A DevOps is a way to try and bring together and even out the workflow between the developer and operations teams of a company. It’s a way to get the two teams to collaborate better to reach their goals more efficiently and on time. Without DevOps you can get an array of communication issues, and teams feeling like the workload is unbalanced. Thats why incorporating DevOps can be a good thing, because it causes there to be more structure and transparancy resulting in beter quality and morale from the teams.    There is plenty of DevOp software  options that companies can choose from after doing a little bit of research. Most resources have different features that would be beneficial to DevOps. Things like sandboxes, user management, client management, integrations, etc… A DevOps software though it may take time to learn, would be very beneficial in getting the teams on a system quickly.