Accounting Career Paper Accounting 101
Description:  3 to 5 page paper on a specific career in Accounting
Please choose one of these careers, or another career related to accounting:

Business Teacher 
Public Accountant (CPA)
Chief Financial Officer
CIA Agent
Claim Adjuster/Examiner
Commercial Banker
Computer Programmer
Consumer Credit Officer
Estate Planner
FBI Agent
Financial Analyst
IRS Investigator
Loan Officer/Consumer Credit
Personal Financial Planner
Securities Broker 
Tax Supervisor/Auditor

Requirements for this assignment:

At minimum, 3 pages, double spaced.
The reason why you choose the career.
The type of person who would do well in this career.
The educational requirements of this career.
The skill requirements in this career.
Any necessary certifications and how they are obtained, for this career.
The salary expectations in this career.
Find a job posting for a similar job and include a link or the advertisement with your paper
Please note it is important that students not participate in plagiarism of any kind.  Cite any sources using APA standards.   Pease see examples of citations at the end of these instructions.
All papers must be submitted through Brightspace so originality can be verified through Safe Assign