Read Beyond Racial Gridlock Chapter 5 (ATTACHED)
Part One: Your Reactions (Length should be approximately 250 words total)
Choose 2 main points from Beyond Racial Gridlock and discuss your reactions, agreements and/or disagreements to what the author has written. What are the important themes, points, strengths, weaknesses, and/or impressions. Provide details about what interests you.
Do not just summarize the book’s content and then say something like “I really liked/disliked this point.” Your reactions should be supported by reasoning, argumentation, and evidence.
Part Two: Current Event (Length should be approximately 250 words total). 
Select a current event that reflects a point you or the author has made above.
1) a brief statement summarizing the point and
2) a link or detailed description of the event.
Length should be approximately 250 words total.