making  change
Submit a 2- to 3-page final report of your Social Change Project. The final report should include the following: 

Provide a brief synopsis of the social problem and policy you identified. 
Describe the steps of your project: 

How did your experiences as a social work professional and your own goals for advocacy inform your selection of a social problem? 
How did your knowledge of, or prior experiences with, the social problem inform your policy analyses? 
What did you learn through each step, including your selection of a social problem, identification of a policy, proposal for advocacy, and recommendation for a policy alternative? 

Reflecting on your experience, identify 2–3 opportunities for growth. What would you do differently based on your recent learnings?  

For example, you might select a different policy alternative that would be better received by elected officials (or other decision makers in a position of power). Or you might use different strategies when speaking in front of a group to advocate for change. 

Explain how policy relates to direct practice. 
Describe how you will apply advocacy skills as a social worker. 
Be sure to incorporate at least five scholarly articles you found using standard APA format.