APA format, in-text citation, references include, 6 pages
– See the template for the structure
– Use the draft for the information for the final
– From the draft consider: pick 1 mental health issue and 1 NGO for the final one
   What is the Tax status of your company? You should chose one mental health issue and target it. The project cannot be alleviating all mental health issues int he country. You can ask for no more than $3,000,000.
Pay attention to what you write. Target the questions of the form completely and fully. You cannot ads for $4mil when you can get only $3 and you cannot list $6 mil grant when you ask for $4. 
Define the project. You cannot take on the whole countries mental health providers’ jobs. Decide on an issue and decide what an international NGO can do about it there. Are you planning to provide counseling services? Why do you think they will be used by the locals?