NUR2092 Health Assignment
Module 2 Assignment
Health History
This week’s assignment is complete the health history form on a classmate, family member, or friend.
Do Not Include their name or date of birth on the form. You may use their initials only.
Be aware that some of the history questions cover personal content; your client has the right to withhold an answer if they do not feel comfortable with the amount of the material being asked to divulge. Their rights to privacy must coexist with the goals of the learning experience. Submit the completed health history form in dropbox.
You may print and write your answers on the forum and submit a scanned copy.
Next week you will write a paper on the experience of conducting the interview. While you conduct your interview, think about these questions:
Also, answer the following questions:
Was the person willing to share the information? If they were not, what did you do to encourage them?
Was there any part of the interview that was more challenging? If so, what part and how did you deal with it?
How comfortable were you taking a health history?
What interviewing techniques did you use? Were there any that were difficult and if so, how did you overcome the difficulty?
Now that you have taken a health history discuss how this information can assist the nurse in determining the health status of a client.
NUR2092 WRITE-UP—HEALTH HISTORY Classroom Assignment Week Two
Date __________________________ Examiner ______________________
1. Biographic Data Name _______________________________________________ Phone________________________ Address____________________________________________________________________________ Birthdate ________________________________ Birthplace _________________________________ Age __________ Gender __________ Marital Status ______________ Occupation _______________ Race/ethnic origin __________________________________ Employer ________________________