The Modern Funeral Director Essay
This week, your assignment is to write a paper about what makes a good funeral director.  You can reflect on things you might have already learned and/or use what you believe to be true. You may include topics such as what funeral home owners/managers are looking for in an applicant, what are the needs the family may have, work ethic, etc. 
You must include:
What makes a good funeral director (skills, characteristics, knowledge, etc.)?
What skills make a funeral director modern?
Your perception of how this role has changed over time. 
How regulatory agencies either stifle or enhance a good funeral director. 
Requirements: Minimum three pages in length, Times New Roman font, 12 point font, double spaced, proper grammar, correct spelling. Please view the tutorial below should you need assistance with formatting your paper in Microsoft Word. Be sure to review the rubric for essays. This will help you understand how your grade will be determined.