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WMBA6501 Conflict Management and Negotiation
Week 5 Discussion
This week, you will continue to consider conflict management styles as you learn how each style utilizes different modes or strategies to address conflict. These strategies are based on four different factors, all of which HR professionals must be acutely aware of during conflict situations in the workplace. Astrid Baumgardner writes of these in her blog post “Conflict Management Styles: The Start of Effective Conflict Management”:
“Issues – The extent to which important priorities, principles, or values are involved in the conflict
Relationship – The importance of maintaining a close, mutually supportive relationship with the other party [or parties]
Relative Power – The balance of power between you and the other party [or parties]
Available Time – How much time you have to resolve the issue” (Baumgardner, 2012).
Post by Day 3 a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:
Choose two conflict management styles; then, for each, discuss the following:
Explain when, or in what types of conflict situations in the workplace, each of these styles would be appropriate. Include examples.
Describe at least 2 conflict management skills that align with each of these styles. Explain your rationale.
Share ways you can better understand the conflict management style of the other people involved when a workplace conflict involves a human resource professional and an employee or two employees, such as a team leader and a team member.
Respond by Day 5 to two or more of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:
Ask a probing question.
Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings.
Offer and support an opinion.
Validate an idea with your own experience.
Expand on your colleagues’ postings.