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Sample Term Paper Topics and Questions

Writing Term Paper

Description This is assignment is from business law class :)It's Final Term Paper therefore I expect really good quality! Plz make up the stories and plz follow exact guidelines I attached below :)...

Organizational Culture paper

Description Explain the university culture in five photos with the knowledge of organizational culture (the university in the photo is Saint Mary's University in Halifax). About organizational culture PPT and five photos in the file. The paper...

Ethical Leadership

Description Write a Brief Paper on Ethical Leadership (9-10 pages), ex: Corporate code of conduct.Paper should include: Title pageTable of ContentsReferencesAPA StylePut your own personal touch on it

Economics term paper

Description These are the instructions that the teacher had given us. Do not worry about posting 2, I will do it, but please do posting 1 and posting 1 extra credit. If you do not understand the instructions, please let me know and I'll try to...

Business term paper

First read instruction in upload file, then think a real life problem, and use DecisionTree&UtilityTheory to write this term paper. upload file what and how is DecisionTree&UtilityTheory work, and a example essay. Any question plz ask.

Three Year Strategic Marketing Plan

Company: Amazon Books Target Market: China Requirements: - Complete the Executive Summary & Company Description        * Must be 2-2.5 pages long - Executive Summary (1 page) An executive summary provides an overview of the key findings from the...

Nurse Internship Strategy

After receiving MBA from FSU BCBE in May you have just taken the position of Manager of Professional Training and Development at First Health’s Moore Regional Medical Center (MRMC). The Chief Human Resource Officer has just assigned you to create...

WEEK 2 Term paper

  Week 2 Term Paper Submission Submit a list of five to eight current references, in APA format, that will ultimately be incorporated into your Final Term Paper. Briefly describe the content of each reference and how it relates to your selected...

Financial Management Term Paper

    Overview You are the head of financial analysis for a Holding Company, with significant liquidity, and a strong appetite for portfolio acquisitions.  Your mandate is to either take control of a company, or purchase enough shares to get...

3-5 Page Term Paper

  Reflection is a cognitive process that promotes critical thinking through writing. The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to reflect and make inferences and predictions based on an understanding of the knowledge they have learned in...

Term Paper

There are 2 parts to this  1. For this part you will prepare an executive summary describing parts 1, 2, and 3. 2. Prepare a 5-10 slide power point presentation for management describing your proposed initiative. Each Part (1, 2, 3, 4, Slides) will...